Wholesale Urea Fertilizer

Wholesale Urea Fertilizer

Wholesale Urea Fertilizer

Fertilita Group is ready to cooperate with wholesalers of urea fertilizer.

Urea peril and urea granules are two types of solid nitrogen fertilizers that are used in agriculture. Prilylated urea is a solid nitrogen fertilizer that dissolves easily in water. Granular urea fertilizer is a type of solid nitrogen fertilizer that is supplied in the form of granules. Prilylated urea dissolves quickly in water. because prill Urea has high dimensional consistency and small size. However, granular urea is easier to use and maintain.


What is prill Urea?

Prill Urea is a solid nitrogen fertilizer that dissolves easily in water. There are many uses of this type of urea due to its special properties. This substance is produced through the reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide. It is largely important for agricultural purposes and as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Prill urea is also known as ice melting urea or deicing urea. The advantages of using prill Urea include its non-corrosive properties, biodegradable properties and its efficiency at very low temperatures such as -6 degrees Celsius. In addition, it usually does not damage concrete, lawns, etc.


Applications of urea 46%

  • As a nitrogen fertilizer, it is applied directly to the soil or through irrigation systems.
  • As a nitrogen supplying component in the manufacture of various grades of liquid or suspension solutions.
  • To melt the snow on the runway
  • cattle feed
  • Pharmacology
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) control systems


We receive urea fertilizer directly from the manufacturer and provide it to our valued customers at a very reasonable price.

Also ready to cooperate to send the product by different transportation methods.

Dear friends and companions, you can contact us in this way.

Surname: Engineer Basiri

Email: sales@fertilita1.com

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