wholesale price of npk fertilizer

wholesale price of npk fertilizer

wholesale price of npk fertilizer

NPK fertilizer consists of three letters, chemical symbols of the three main ingredients of mineral fertilizers (compound fertilizers, complete fertilizers):

“N” is the chemical symbol for nitrogen. Nitrogen has a set of different functions in the plant and therefore it is of special importance. It is mainly responsible for plant growth and regeneration. If there is too little nitrogen, the plants will not grow enough and the yield will decrease. However, too much has many disadvantages, which cause delay in flowering and fruit ripening. The texture of the plant becomes very soft and therefore more stable. And finally, the possibility of diseases and pests increases, which leads to a decrease in yield.

The letter “P” refers to phosphorus. It is necessary for photosynthesis. Phosphorus supports the seed, for example, during fertilization. But later during the flowering period, the lack of phosphorus causes the plants to be small and inactive and the stems remain thin. The roots grow hard and their flowering is delayed. On the other hand, a high amount of phosphorus (which rarely happens) damages plants indirectly by reducing the amount of available trace elements.

“K” stands for potassium. This material provides water absorption and, as a result, proper water balance in the plant. which also leads to strong plant tissue and high flexibility and resistance. At the same time, it increases resistance to diseases, extreme weather conditions such as cold, etc. Lack of potassium causes disturbance in root formation. In addition, the plant sweats more during dry periods and takes less water. Too much potassium causes unfavorable salt concentration and thus reduces the consumption of positive nutrients such as magnesium, etc.


Wholesale purchase and sale of npk fertilizer

There are many grades and analyzes of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) fertilizers, but they can all be grouped into three categories: liquid, solid, and gas.

There is nothing mysterious about different grades or types of fertilizers. To a certain degree, many fertilizers have the same chemical composition and are used for the same basic purpose – to supplement essential plant nutrients in the soil.

Usually, all that is needed to compare two fertilizers is the amount and availability of plant nutrients in the fertilizer. This information is included on the label or sales invoice and is guaranteed.

Price per unit of plant nutrients, application costs, leaching potential, ease of transportation and customer service are the main factors for purchasing fertilizer.

Dear customers, to buy and inquire about the wholesale price of high-quality npk fertilizer directly from the manufacturer, contact Fertilita online wholesale.

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