Urea suppliers and wholesalers

Urea suppliers and wholesalers

Urea suppliers and wholesalers

Urea fertilizer can help reduce the number of nutrients the soil needs for growth. Urea fertilizer can be used to fertilize plants and soil. The main component of urea fertilizer is about 46% nitrogen, which can be used throughout the soil to increase the nutrient content of plants.

Urea also known as carbamide, is the most common nitrogen fertilizer in the world and has been used equally on all agricultural lands in the world. Urea can be produced in the form of prill, granules, flakes, pellets, crystals, and solutions. Urea is a nitrogenous compound containing a carbonyl group attached to two amine groups with osmotic diuretic activity. It is widely used in fertilizers and is an important raw material for the chemical industry.

This fertilizer contains 46% nitrogen, the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer, and is easily available in the form of prill (granules). While more than 90% of produced urea is used as fertilizer, it also has other uses, including the production of melamine used in melamine-methanol resins.

The low corrosive properties of urea-prill provide a suitable deicing solution for metal structures and buildings such as bridges, playgrounds, multi-story car parks, and railway platforms. They are ideal for surfaces and areas where exposure to traditional salt must be minimized. This product does not harm humans or animals, but it should not be used near aquatic. This biodegradable product acts quickly and is in the form of white prill. Urea prill is a free-flowing pellet material formed by solidification of a liquid during an industrial process. It is spherical in shape and has a narrow particle size distribution.

A high-quality, non-corrosive de-icing alternative to rock salt or white de-icing salt, ideal and safe on metals and concrete such as multi-storey car parks, airports, station platforms and roads. Biodegradable works effectively at temperatures as low as -4, harmless to humans and animals, but not suitable for use near aquatic animals.


How to use urea fertilizer?

The use of more than 90% of the industrial production of urea in the world is for use as a nitrogen-releasing fertilizer. Urea has the highest amount of nitrogen among all solid nitrogen fertilizers in common use. Therefore, it has the lowest transportation cost per unit of nitrogen nutrients. The standard rating of urea plant nutrients is 46-0-0. The most common impurity is artificial urea biuret, which disrupts plant growth. Urea is usually spread between 40 and 300 kg/ha, but the amount varies. Smaller applications have less loss due to washout. During the fertilization season, urea is often spread just before or during rain to minimize losses from volatilization (the process by which nitrogen is lost as ammonia gas in the atmosphere). Due to the high concentration of nitrogen in urea, it is very important to achieve even distribution. Application equipment must be properly calibrated and used properly.

In addition to being used in crops, it is used as an animal feed supplement to replace part of the required protein. It also has many industrial applications, especially for plastic production. Although urea often provides farmers with the most nitrogen at the lowest price available on the market, special precautions must be taken when applying urea to the soil to prevent nitrogen loss through chemical reaction.


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