Urea Fertilizer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

Urea Fertilizer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

Urea Fertilizer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

White seeds urea fertilizer contains 46.2% of nitrogen and more than 95% of the particle size between 2 and 4 mm and has the following characteristics:

The most concentrated solid form is nitrogen fertilizer, which is the main source of nitrogen for agriculture. White urea fertilizer provides a continuous source of nitrogen for plant nutrition during the growing period. Urea is 100% soluble in water, mobile in soil and can be used with irrigation water. White urea fertilizer can be used in most soils. In the same way, foliar spraying is also done. Urea fertilizer 46% is suitable for a wide range of crops, especially for rice and zucchini. When buying urea chemical fertilizer, it can be received in bulk packages or large bags (1 ton) or 50 kg bags.

Urea is a white fertilizer that is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers in the world. It works on all crops, including areas with hot climates. Urea is a synthesized organic molecule that is easily available to plants and can be absorbed by all parts of plants including roots and vegetative mass.

The pH of the soil increases during the urea hydrolysis reaction, which makes granular urea effectively used in acidic soils, for fertilizing rice fields, grain fields, crops, and horticulture. The apparent density and proper granule size make urea to be incorporated into the fertilizer mix and have a uniform distribution on the soil surface.


How is urea fertilizer produced?

Urea is a soluble organic compound containing 46% nitrogen. It occurs naturally in urine and some molds and fungi. Urea is produced artificially by reacting natural gas, atmospheric nitrogen, and water together at high temperatures and pressure to produce ammonia and carbon dioxide. Then these gases react at high temperature and pressure and produce molten (liquid) urea. After that, it is cooled and produced in the form of granules or perils for industrial use and as agricultural fertilizer.


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