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کود شیمیایی اوره

Urea fertilizer 46 (NH2CONH2) is very important as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the agricultural industry. In petrochemicals, they first convert ammonia and then it into urea. Urea fertilizer helps the growth of microbes and fungi. Urea fertilizer helps prevent the growth of plant microbes and fungi. It causes better seed growth and also for plant growth.

Urea fertilizers are when mixed with water to help the soil absorb more. For this reason, urea fertilizers are mostly used in agriculture. Urea fertilizers contain water that keeps the soil moist and warm for the soil. Urea fertilizers have more water than other fertilizers such as potassium. These fertilizers help add water to the soil.  Urea fertilizers are usually used in agriculture to irrigate the soil. Urea fertilizers are used more than other fertilizers in agriculture.


Urea fertilizer does the following :

  • Stimulates non-legume growth.
  • By accelerating the decomposition of dead roots, it increases the supply of active organic matter in the soil.
  • When soil temperatures are too low or soil is too wet for natural nitrification processes, it provides available nitrogen for grass and legume growth.
  • It helps break down straw and other plant debris.
  • It increases the protein content of grass, grain, corn and other non-legume forage plants.
  • It helps the plant by increasing the growth caused by nitrogen. or used as commercial fertilizer.


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