Urea 46 fertilizer price in Iran2023

Urea 46 fertilizer price in Iran

Today price of urea fertilizer in Iran

The urea market is expected to witness a growth of more than 2.5% annually during the forecast period. One of the main factors driving the market is the increasing demand for fertilizers in the agricultural industry. However, health risks regarding urea are likely to restrict the market.

The main opportunity for the urea market is the emergence of new markets. As the industrial sector is using more and more urea, there is a possibility that its demand will increase based on the market outlook analysis of urea. For example, urea is used to make urea-formaldehyde resins, diesel exhaust fluids, animal feed, and melamine.

If used correctly, urea and urea-containing fertilizers are excellent sources of nitrogen for crop production. After being applied to the soil, urea undergoes chemical changes and ammonium ions (NH4) are formed. Soil moisture determines how fast this conversion takes place.


Urea 46% fertilizer

Urea 46% fertilizer is used as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and for this reason, it is very important in agriculture, one of the most important industries in the world. It is also used as a component in the manufacture of resin for wood processing and in the manufacture of yeast.

Ammonia (NH3) is the basis of all nitrogen fertilizers and has the highest amount of nitrogen (82%). Ammonia can be applied directly to the soil, but for many reasons, including environmental, it is common to further treat the ammonia, eg, urea or nitrate, before application.

If ammonia is applied directly to the soil, it must be converted to ammonium (NH4) and nitrate before plants can use it as a nitrogen source. While ammonium and nitrate are readily available to plants, urea must first be converted to ammonium and then to nitrate.

Due to price fluctuations in the urea market, the price of urea in Iran depends on several factors.

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