Purchase wholesale urea fertilizer

Purchase of exported urea fertilizer

It is possible to buy exported urea fertilizer at Fertilita Trading Group and this company is ready to cooperate with exporters and suppliers of urea fertilizer.

Urea applied to soil reacts with water and soil urease enzyme and quickly turns into ammonium. This transformation is called urea hydrolysis. In this reaction, hydrogen ions are consumed, which increases the pH of the soil near the fertilizer. If the pH rises above 7, significant amounts of ammonia can form in the soil for several days after applying urea. When urea is applied topically, ammonia formation at the soil surface from urea hydrolysis may cause some ammonia loss, and if urea binds to the seed, some plant injury may occur due to ammonia toxicity. The intensity of both processes largely depends on the concentration of ammonia formed. This nitrogen fertilizer is environmentally friendly and the most harmless fertilizer for plants.


Purchase of exported urea fertilizer

In this collection, we receive exported urea directly from the manufacturer and provide it to valuable traders at a very reasonable price. Also, this business is ready to cooperate to send the product by different transportation methods.

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