Urea chemical fertilizer

Urea is an organic compound that occurs naturally in animals and some plants. It was first identified more than 200 years ago and was produced synthetically in the laboratory in 1828. Industrial facilities for the production of urea in large commercial quantities were developed in the early part of this century. Urea is produced from the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide and is mostly produced in facilities that use natural gas as feed. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of ammonia production in this facility.

Urea 46% fertilizer is a white crystal. It is not only a simple organic compound, but also a nitrogen fertilizer. It is easy to maintain, easy to use and has the least damage to the soil. At the same time, urea is one of the most widely used nitrogen chemical fertilizers, and it is also the main raw material of the NPK fertilizer production process for compound fertilizer processing.

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