Export of urea fertilizer from Iran

Export of urea fertilizer from Iran

Urea fertilizer export 

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We are ready to cooperate with investors and businessmen in the field of urea fertilizer export.

Contact us to buy and export urea fertilizer with a tonnage of at least 25 metric tons.

Commercial synthesis of urea involves combining ammonia and carbon dioxide at high pressure to form ammonium carbamate, which is subsequently heated to form urea and water.

The urea solution from the synthesis/recycling steps of the process is subsequently concentrated to a urea melt to become a solid prill or granular product.

Urea (46-0-0) usually has the lowest cost per pound of nitrogen compared to other single element nitrogen fertilizers. However, urea undergoes unique chemical changes when applied to soil, and severe losses in efficiency may result if specific management practices are not followed.

Like most commercial nitrogen fertilizers, urea is produced from anhydrous ammonia. The high decomposition of urea – 46% nitrogen – is the main reason for the low price of this type of nitrogen fertilizer. The cost of transportation, storage and handling are all lower than fertilizers with lower analysis such as ammonium nitrate (34-0-0) or ammonium sulfate (21-0-0).

Nitrogen is by far the largest of the three primary nutrients plants need for strong, healthy growth. Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in the world, accounting for about 62% of global demand for this key nutrient.

Natural gas-rich regions are usually large exporters of urea fertilizer.

Urea is a global fertilizer and is traded more than ammonia. Exports from China reached 8.9 million tons in 2016, down from 13.7 million tons in 2015. Global trade in urea increased by 1.3% in 2016 and reached 50.4 million tons.

In this collection, we receive exported urea directly from the manufacturer and provide it to our customers at a very reasonable price.

You can contact us through this way.

Name and Surname: Engineer Basiri

Email: sales@fertilita1.com

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