dap fertilizer bulk wholesale

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dap fertilizer bulk wholesale

Phosphorus is key in the photosynthesis process. When chlorophyll is produced, this macronutrient stimulates the energy absorbed by the chlorophyll to convert starch and carbohydrates into food. Another important (and more visible) function of phosphorus is to produce abundant flowers and fruits instead of foliage. Phosphorus begins its work at the cellular level. Helping make the same proteins and enzymes that nitrogen uses to fix water and nutrients.


Diammonium phosphate fertilizer

DAP first became available in the 1960s. Its high solubility makes nutrients easily available to agricultural products. The high content of ammonium N can damage the seeds and roots near the fertilizer. Therefore, it is better to place it in a strip about 10 cm from the seed row or spread and mix it to avoid the accumulation of nutrients too close to the seed or young roots. This fertilizer has 46% phosphorus and 18% nitrogen.

Diammonium phosphate [2HPO4 (NH4)] or DAP is the most widely used phosphorus fertilizer in the world. It is produced from the reaction of ammonia with phosphoric acid. The standard grade of this fertilizer is 18-46-0. Its popularity is due to its relatively high content of two commonly required fertilizer ingredients and properties that make it easy to maintain.

The use and application of diammonium phosphate fertilizer has many advantages. This fertilizer makes plants more resistant to diseases. It should also be highly resistant to adverse environmental factors such as frost and drought. The use of this fertilizer in spring and summer makes the trees bear fruit earlier.

The agricultural soils of Iran have a low phosphorus absorption rate. According to the research conducted, more than 70% of the soils where wheat is grown are deficient in phosphorus. To solve this problem, farmers use phosphate fertilizers such as diammonium phosphate for wheat.

For young citrus fruits such as lemon, sweet lemon, and grapefruit, which have a high growth process, the amount of phosphorus consumption is suggested to be 15-20% more than other plants. Di-ammonium fertilizer should be used at the beginning of the growing season (spring) by soil method to fertilize young trees. Of course, if the phosphorus deficiency is shown by the soil test results. Diammonium can be used at different times as an irrigation fertilizer during the growing season.

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