about us

Hello! I am Meghdad Basiri, the website manager

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Fertilita Group was launched in 2021 by Meghdad Basiri. The spark of launching the Fertilita website started from working in the laboratory of one of the largest oil fields in Iran. After several years of working in the laboratory and getting familiar with chemicals, and chemical compounds, as well as knowing petrochemical and refinery equipment, this idea finally became practical and started its activity in the field of bulk buying and selling of chemical fertilizers, specialized and focused on urea fertilizer product.

The purpose of the Fertilita website is to gain customer satisfaction and trust, serve global consumers, make businesses profitable, create jobs, manage businesses with smart tools, and generally make business easier.


Making it easy to do business anywhere, Because the limitation is mentality.


We aspire to be a good company that outlives us. Global buying, global selling is our vision. We envision our customers meeting, working and living at Fertilita.


Customer satisfaction is the first priority.

Trust makes everything simple.

Live seriously, work happily.

Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s foundation.

Change is the only constant.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.